Safety & Welfare

All members of UTRC and visitors should be familiar with the latest version of the UTRC safety plan:-


To report an incident  to the Club Water Safety Advisor, send an email to:

To report an incident  to the Club Welfare Advisor, send an email to:

Incident Reporting.
To report an incident visit the BR website. More information on what constitutes an incident can be found below:  (Link to BR incident reporting)

UTRC are affiliated to British Rowing.

BR Safeguarding advice

BR Safeguarding Adults at Risk (download as a pdf)

BR Anti-bullying Policy

Incident Reporting:

All incidences must be reported online through the British Rowing website. It is no longer just the responsibility of the coach or CWSA to file a report. Anyone who is involved with or witnesses an incident can make a report and it can be done anonymously if required. British Rowing expects any such report to be filed within 24 hours of the incident occurring.

So what constitutes an ‘incident’? The answer, according to British Rowing, is anything; The guide quotes; collisions (with anything), near collisions (with anything), capsizes, swampings, health issues, equipment failure, land based accidents in weights room, bays, running, cycling, choking on a biscuit! (Actually the last one isn’t quoted but you get the gist). We, of course, have to be sensible and balanced. The online system is very easy to use however, and takes little time to complete. Just click on