Thinking of joining? Please read on…

Thank you for your interest in joining Upper Thames Rowing Club. In order to ensure UTRC is the right club for you please read the following information about the club and its ethos.

Please note, every applicant must complete the membership form and pay the appropriate membership subscription before using any club equipment.

All applicants are subject to a three month probationary period following which their application will be subject to final approval. If an application is rejected at any stage a refund on the outstanding subscription will be provided.

Background and ethos of UTRC

UTRC was founded in 1963 with the intention of challenging the dominance of clubs on the lower reaches of the Thames. The world has changed a bit since then but Upper Thames still aims to compete at the highest domestic level in all age categories, and is proud to have a number of ex-Olympians and international standard members.

UTRC membership is available to people of all ages and abilities but those new to the sport may find their needs better met at clubs more focused on providing a pathway into the sport for the less-experienced or those wanting a purely recreational rowing environment. That said, anyone with a degree of self-reliance, regardless of their experience or ability, will find plenty of friendly members willing to help them improve their skills. More experienced athletes will find a natural home at UTRC and those wishing to compete in domestic and international events will find our excellent equipment, free trailering and “rowing-first” culture highly supportive.

Being located “out of town”, social activity at UTRC is generally limited to events such as the annual dinner and ad hoc events around HRR but we value a harmonious, convivial environment away from the stress of everyday life. We want members to enjoy their rowing and believe in the benefits of rowing on body and mind. Outside of the senior squads there is no formal selection policy and members should rely on their own efforts to find crewmates.

We appreciate those who volunteer at our events or bring additional skills necessary to the running of clubs like ours. We are fortunate to have an increasing number of overseas members who use the club when they are in the UK and wish UTRC to become synonymous with the best traditions of rowing at home and abroad. Our enclosure during HRR is, we believe, the best place to enjoy the racing, and Social memberships are available to those who want tickets.

We hope this gives you a good idea of our aims and ethos. If you would like to join please complete the online membership form UTRC Membership Application and contact the membership secretary at

Membership Fees for 2023-2024 are:

Membership Type Fees Fees if payment received by 30th September
Full £560 £475
Concession (under 26 & for those detailed below) £280 £280
Rack 1X £430 £365
Rack 2X £850 £720
Overseas/Social £125 £125


Please contact the Membership Secretary for further enquiries at

Membership payments should be made to Handelsbanken, Henley-on-Thames, Account Number 28136104, Sort Code 40-51-62, Upper Thames Rowing Club.

Please ensure that when making the payment you use the following reference: SUBS <your surname> <your initial>.

NOTE: All new members must be proposed and seconded by existing members of UTRC.


Eligibility for Membership Type

  • Coaches – who do not use rowing equipment would not pay for membership.
  • Coaches who use rowing equipment. Concession rate applied (see concession for those under 26 years) + full rack rate.
  • Others who provide other services to the club. Concession rate applied + full rack rate.
  • Coxes – free but they provide own cox box. If using equipment, concession fees apply
  • No pro rata membership for late joiners – the whole years subs are due unless waived by the membership secretary.
  • Once membership has lapsed no automatic renewal – have to re-apply.
  • Monthly payments for senior squad only with the intention to use this made clear to the membership Secretary by the end of September.
  • Visitor day rate to be used for visiting clubs only. This will be based on head count (number of individuals). There is no day visitor payment for individuals wanting to visit on a regular basis. A membership fee will then apply.


Terms and conditions of membership

  • All subscriptions are due on 1st September.
  • Anyone who has not paid their subscription after eight weeks automatically ceases to be a member.
  • Renewals are subject to an early-payment discount, new subscriptions are not.
  • It is the responsibility of members with private boats to ensure they are properly insured and displaying the issued UTC number (the EA licence fee is included in the racking fee).
  • The club takes no responsibility for any damage to privately owned boats.
  • There is generally a waiting list for private racks. If you have a rack and it is not paid for by 31st October it will be reallocated without further reference.
  • Social members may not use Club training equipment or boats.
  • Terms and conditions of membership including rates of subscription, method and timing of payments are subject to change in accordance with the conditions, rules and constitution of the club.
  • On paying your subscription you:
  • agree to abide by the club rules and constitution
  • confirm that you can swim 50 metres in rowing kit
  • confirm that you are a fully paid up member of British Rowing
  • confirm that you are up-to-date with your private boat insurance
  • agree to conduct your own risk assessments for every training session or outing at the club
  • agree that UTRC cannot be responsible for loss or damage to you or your possessions
  • acknowledge that information provided by you will be retained on a computer for administration purposes
  • have completed the online membership form (required every year even if no details have changed) including emergency contact information
  • agree to report any damage to boats, equipment and facilities
  • will not facilitate non-members using the club’s facilities or equipment.