Masters Squad

Masters rowing at Upper Thames takes many forms. Unlike more formal “senior” or “elite” squads, veterans tend to form their own crews based on criteria of their own.

The key drivers of Masters rowing at UTRC are availability, rowing ability and personal preferences so it’s really about getting stuck in with a “can do” attitude. There is no formal selection policy as we take the view that those willing to help themselves will likely do so – in other words it is down to individual members to take responsibility for their own satisfaction!

On the rowing performance side, the club has an excellent reputation for winning Masters events at all age categories in both men’s and women’s events. In 2017 the women’s group won the Victor Ludorum at the World Masters Rowing Championships in Bled, for example.

In 2019 a Veteran D crew qualified for the Thames Cup at HRR, and the veteran group often travel overseas to enjoy racing and training together. The priorities range from enjoying each other’s company, training hard, winning races, forming some more recreational crews for the older age groups (including twice annual lunches at Leander) and generally being thankful for the many wonderful things rowing at UTRC affords members.

At UTRC, masters row in superb boats and have access to the very best training equipment. The focus of the whole club is kept firmly on rowing and how to enjoy it to the maximum rather than more peripheral issues!

The club welcomes visitors from all around the world and encourages travelling rowers to join for a reduced fee. We want to be at the very centre of the global rowing community. We also host the internationally renowned  Henley Masters Regatta

Anyone wishing to join the Upper Thames masters should contact the captain.

Upper Thames Rowing Club Men D 8+ Veterans’ Head of the River 2019

UTRC Womens Masters Victor Ludorum at FISA Masters 2018

UTRC Womens Masters, Victor Ludorum winners at FISA Masters 2018, Lake Bled