Sadly Upper Thames Autumn Head 2023 on Sunday 29 October 2023 is CANCELLED

Please note next year’s date in your diaries: 27/10/2024

Lots of information about the event is available on our Facebook page @upperthamesautumnhead or Instagram @upper_thames_autumn_head or Twitter/X @autumn_head

Please contact us via or Facebook Messenger ( if you have any questions.



Course approximately 3000m upstream

Sunday 29 October 2023

Competitors are encouraged to enter the morning and afternoon divisions.


  1. The full range of SENIOR EVENTS is offered and there is no restriction on doubling up between the Morning and Afternoon Divisions. SENIOR EVENTS will be banded, if appropriate.
  2. MASTERS and JUNIOR EVENTS will be arranged by age categories (See matrix below). MASTERS EVENTS will be handicapped, if appropriate. Handicaps will depend on the conditions on the day.
  3. Start orders will be guided by BR ranking points and your assessment of the speed of your boat (see BROE).
  4. All boats require Empacher bow slots. Any Empacher numbers not returned at the end of the competition will be chargeable at £15 per number.
  5. Medals will be presented in Events in which 2 or more crews start. The Peter Sutherland Bowl will be awarded to the fastest open crew of the day. The Diane Sutherland Bowl will be awarded to the fastest women’s crew of the day. The Truman Victor Ludorum Cup will be presented to the most successful Club (1 point per win).

ENTRY FEE:  £16.50 per seat (coxes excluded).       (Eight £132, Quad and Four £66, Double and Pair £33)

  Morning Division 10.45am Start Afternoon Division 2.15pm Start
Status 8 4- 4+ 2- 4x 2x 8 4- 4+ 2- 4x 2x
O Senior Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
W Senior Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
O Masters A/B Y   Y     Y   Y   Y Y  
O Masters C/D/E Y   Y     Y   Y   Y Y  
O Masters F/G/H Y   Y       Y   Y Y  
W Masters A/B   Y   Y   Y  Y   Y   Y  
W Masters C/D/E   Y   Y   Y  Y   Y   Y  
W Masters F/G/H   Y   Y   Y  Y   Y   Y  
O Junior J18   Y       Y     Y   Y  
O Junior J16   Y       Y     Y   Y  
O Junior J15           Y         4x+  
O Junior J14         4x+             Y
W Junior J18   Y       Y     Y   Y  
W Junior J16   Y       Y     Y   Y  
W Junior J15           Y         4x+  
W Junior J14         4x+             Y
  • Entries are via the BROE2 online system only – payments to be made immediately after entering. The first 170 paid crews in each division will be accepted. Any further paid crews will be moved to the waitlist. Unpaid crews will also be moved the waitlist.
  • Refunds are not available after the close of entries.
  • Crew changes to be done on BROE2 by Clubs before racing starts
  • The British Rowing membership insurance is only valid for UK residents who are resident in the UK for more than six months in a year.

Entries open 12:00 pm Sunday 17 September 2023 and close 12:00 pm Wednesday 18 October 2023.

  • Any questions or queries can be sent by Facebook Messenger or by email to For further details please visit our FB page: @upperthamesautumnhead or follow @autumn_head on Twitter for the latest updates.
  • Information for crews including safety, risk assessment, crew marshalling etc. is provided on the UTRC website.
  • Car parking will cost £10 per car but is free of charge for boat trailers and Blue badge holders. Car sharing is encouraged.

Use of the parking and boating area is by kind permission of Henley Royal Regatta. Use of the starting area is by kind permission of Copas Farms.

Documents for 2023 UTAH:

UTAH 2023 – Draw AM Division

UTAH 2023 – Draw PM Division

UTAH 2023 – Competitors Instructions

UTAH 2023 – Boating Times

UTAH 2023 – Navigation Plan

UTAH 2023 – Safety Plan

UTAH 2023 – Risk Assessment

UTAH 2023 – Welfare statement