Complaints Procedure

Until further notice the Committee wish to make clear the following complaints procedure:


If there are any general concerns regarding child protection or child welfare, in the first instance these should be raised with the club Welfare Officer. In the case of serious allegations, the Welfare Officer may decide to involve British Rowing or, in collaboration with the complainant, may decide to contact the police.

After this process, the club Welfare Officer will then write to the Chair and explain what has been alleged and what action has been taken.

Minor concerns

In the case of minor concerns, members should discuss these in the first instance with anyone they are in disagreement with and seek to come to an understanding with that person / persons. This could be verbal or written, copying in the Secretary if the complainant feels it is either necessary or appropriate.

Formal complaints

If the complainant does not wish (for any reason) to address the subject of their concern / complaint directly, the complainant should contact the Secretary in writing and can copy the Chair.

Serious complaints

In exceptional circumstances, either for serious criminal allegations or if the Complainant feels the Secretary cannot deal with their complaint appropriately, the complainant should send the complaint to the Chair and seek a meeting with the Chair as a matter of urgency.  In the case of serious criminal allegations, the Chair and complainant can then assess if the police or British Rowing should be contacted.