In recent years we have had a number of successful women’s crews

UTRC Senior Squad

The men and women train as one group much of the time, depending on numbers. This has generally been a positive contributor to good relations within the club although occasionally the groups are run separately to address short term equipment issues etc. The Upper Thames Senior Squad has been one of the strongest in domestic rowing in the last few years, with wins at HRR, HWR and numerous other top regattas and Heads. We are open to all men and women with aspirations of winning at the highest domestic level or those with the potential to do so in the future. Those looking to compete or row on a more casual basis are also welcome. HRR winners HRR winners and coaches, 2014

The programme is designed to maximise the benefit of the time you put in. We recognise that your time is precious, so our fleet of Empacher boats is well maintained and properly set up. Crews and equipment are planned in advance to minimise wasting time. Our training programme is straightforward, with flexibility built in to accommodate athletes with careers.

There are four weekday sessions in the winter (Fridays off) incorporating two ergo sessions and two gym sessions. In the summer, additional sessions are introduced along with evening rowing. Weekend sessions typically run from 7.00am – 12.30pm.

There is usually a warm weather camp in January (Seville) and an Easter camp in Henley, as well as more focused matches and events for the top boats. Camps and competitions are arranged to ensure time off work is minimised and that costs are kept as low as possible. The squad is friendly but competitive. Much of what we do is measured, so athletes tend to row in their peer group and always have the opportunity to move up when their performance improves.

Selection is based on timed pieces, telemetry, ergo tests and seat racing as well as the opinions of the coaching team. Justin Sutherland remains as Head Coach for 2017, his sixth season in charge, with support from a flexible coaching team. Anyone who can make weekend sessions is warmly encouraged to join the squad and will most likely enjoy training together as part of a mixed group.

Anyone wishing to join the Senior Squad, either men or women, should contact Justin by email